V2.12 (2024.07.17)

- Cameras added via eWeLink CamSync (camera gateway) are supported.

- Optimized CAST configuration page UI design for better user experience.

- Sorting of the device selection list has been optimized.

- Now the sub-device on device selection page displays the name of the gateway it belongs to.

- Two new preset backgrounds are available.

V2.11 (2024.06.20)
  • New widget “Scene Logs” is available, displaying the last 30 logs.
  • New Extended layout allows you to place more tiles in a row.
  • New feature Custom Background allows you to use images as backgrounds.
  • Now you can create up to 10 CAST Dashboards.
  • Clock widget now supports switching between 12h and 24h


V2.10 (2024.04.01)

Newly supported devices:

Matter bridge

Matter lights

Matter light switches

More eWeLink supported sockets


V2.9 (2024.04.01)

Some of the newly supported devices

SONOFF TX Ultimate series

eWeLink IoT cameras

Temperature & Humidity sensors now support larger tiles.

TRV & TX Ultimate series now supports group feature.


V2.8 (2024.03.04)

1.New devices supported in 2 sizes of tiles:

  • Zigbee Wireless button
  • Zigbee Motion sensor
  • Zigbee Door/Window sensor
  • Zigbee Water leak sensor
  • Zigbee Thermostatic Radiator Valve

2.Devices listed above supported in 2 sizes of tiles.

3.Lighting devices now support larger tiles.

4.IoT Camera supported in large tile.

5.Scan QR code to login is available.

6.Clicking on the version number to view the release notes will open a new tab.


V2.7 (2024.01.15)

  1. Matter switches/sockets were supported.
  2. Some of Media Air Conditioners were supported.
  3. Camera background image optimized.
  4. The icon of the device will be synchronized with the "display as" icon set in the eWeLink App. (currently only single-channel device)


V2.6 (2023.12.15)

  1. The following device tiles support larger sizes: Wi-Fi Door contact sensors, Zigbee wireless buttons, Zigbee temperature and humidity sensors, Zigbee motion sensors, Zigbee door and window sensors, Zigbee water leak sensors.
  2. Custom text tiles support code snippets embedded in iframe tags to adaptively display content.
  3. Added support for RF gateway to display the number of remote controls.


V2.5 (2023.9.20)

  1. NSPanel Pro is supported, you can now switch security modes on CAST dashboard.
  2. Tiles for multi-channel switches have been optimized.
  3. Temperature sensors now display 1 decimal place on the tiles.


V2.4 (2023.6.29)

1. Tiles for multi-channel switches now have a larger size.
2. The weather widget supports switching between Celsius and Fahrenheit.


V2.3 (2023.6.1)

1. Tiles for single-channel switches now have a larger size.

2. Weather/Calendar/Clock widget now support larger size.

3. Weather icons optimized.


V2.2 (2023.5.17)

1.Now you can add a time widget to your dashboard. ( a larger size will be available in next update )

2.The text widget now supports two sizes, the larger size can be used as a to-do list and you can switch the size on the settings page.

3.Temp.&Humid. sensors with screens like SNZB-02D are supported now.


V2.1 (2023.5.05)

  • Custom Text Widget

Now you can add text widgets and use them as titles or reminders.

  • Group Control

Groups created in eWeLink app can now be added to Cast dashboard.


V2.0 (2023.4.17)

  • Place the tiles anywhere you like

We have optimized the scene, weather, and calendar tiles to offer a more flexible arrangement, now you can drag & drop every tile into any desired location, and spaces are allowed between tiles.

  • What you see is what you get

We’ve also optimized the preview feature, when configuring a dashboard, background color changes will now be shown in real time, what you see is what you get.


Try the new version and create your unique CAST dashboard!


V1.8 (2023.3.30)

eWeLink Cast V1.8 is released, now all users can create and view dashboards!

While some features are limited for non-VIP users, you can still use eWeLink Cast to create your own smart home dashboards, change the background color, view the weather forecast, and check real-time device status. And if you decide to upgrade to the Advanced Plan, you’ll unlock full device control on both eWeLink Cast and eWeLink web, and even more advanced features.

Besides, in this update, the following Zigbee sub devices are supported:

Zigbee single channel switch

Zigbee single channel plug

Zigbee Cold/Warm light

Zigbee RGB/Cold/Warm light

Zigbee (3.0) 1~4 channel switch

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to try the eWeLink Cast, visit eWeLink web and navigate to the CAST menu to try it out!


V1.7 (2023.3.1)

Firstly the update includes an optimization for SONOFF TH10/16, which can now display data charts, this is a great way to keep track of the temperature and humidity levels in your home or office and make adjustments accordingly.

And now Cast supports even more devices including:

  • eWeLink supported Water Leak Sensor.
  • SONOFF SPM-4Relay,with data chart.
  • SONOFF DW2-WiFi (new edition).
  • Some dimmer switches, GSM switches, and Zigbee lights.

As most of the devices supported by eWeLink are integrated, you can now easily control and manage your devices from the centralized Cast dashboard.

Overall, eWeLink Cast is becoming more and more powerful with each update, and we highly recommend checking it out if you haven’t already.


V1.6   (2023.02. 28)

Supported devices:

  • eWeLink supported Water Leak Sensor
  • SONOFF SPM-4Relay
  • SONOFF DW2-WiFi (new edition)
  • Some dimmer switches
  • Some GSM switches
  • Some Zigbee lights


SONOFF TH10/16 can now display data chart.


V1.6   (2023.01. 11)

  • eWeLink Camera App is supported, now you can view the live stream of eWeLink Camera App on cast dashboard.
  • More switches have been supported.
  • Now the chart darkens if the device goes offline.
  • Added tips to the charts section on the settings page.

V1.5   (2022.12. 24)

eWeLink Cast has been updated to version 1.5 with the following updates.

Devices Supported

  • eWeLink Cameras (SONOFF GK-200MP2-B/Cam Slim, etc.)
  • eWeLink Light Strips (SONOFF L2/L3/L3Pro, etc.)
  • eWeLink smart switch SONOFF DUAL R3 Lite
  • Some Yeelight smart lights

New features

  • Dashboards can be sorted on settings page.
  • Now you can watch the camera's live stream on Cast dashboard.
  • 2-channel power monitoring devices now can show the charts of both 2 channels. (SONOFF DUAL R3)

Features Optimization

  • Light controller added ON/OFF button
  • Scene button added animation effects
  • Layout optimized


V1.4   (2022.12.01)

Devices supported

  1. SONOFF TH Elite/Origin series
  2. SONOFF POW Elite/Origin series
  3. SONOFF iPlug S40
  5. ZigBee wireless switch
  6. Some ZigBee lights

New features

1.Firstly, changing the color of background is available now, you can select between four preset colors.

2.Temperatue & Humidity chart of sensors is now available.

3.Charts display is now customizable, you can choose whether to display the device's chart or not.

Feature optimization

1.PIN code optimized, now it is required when you exit the encrypted dashboard.

2.History of sensors optimized, now showing 7 days of history.

3.Other UI optimizations.


V1.3   (2022.11.03)

Added support for the following devices:

  • SONOFF DUAL R3, all working modes.
  • eWeLink curtains.

New features added:

  • Calendar & Weather widget.
  • Energy Consumption Chart (last 7 days) for power monitoring devices.
  • Release Note, added version number on Cast home page, click to view release note.

V1.2   (2022.10.18)

More lights have been supported. (SONOFF B02-BL / B05-BL)

Some bugs have been fixed.

The UI of some sensors has been optimized.

V1.1   (2022.09.08)

Added support for the following devices:

  • Most of the light bulbs, some of the light strips.
  • Motion sensor, Door/window sensor, Temperature and Humidity Sensor.
  • Ceiling fan with light controller.
  • Some more switches.

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • Added a virtual keyboard for the PIN code input.
  • Compatibility issues with some older tablets have been fixed.

V1.0   (2022.08.09)

First version released, supports Switches & Sockets,  and manual scenes.