Inching and Interlock mode

Apart from simple one-channel plugs and switches, eWeLink also supports devices with multiple channels. Compared to other smart home apps with basic schedule and remote control functionalities, eWeLink app stands out with inching mode and interlock mode (*available on multi-channel devices).

Let’s take a closer look at the inching and interlock mode.

Inching mode

In case that you wish your device to turn itself off after being on for a while, inching mode works the magic. Imagine how annoying it is to have to go back to the bathroom to turn off the exhaust fan. Leave it to eWeLink app. When inching mode is enabled, the device will be programmed to turn off automatically after a set period, no matter if you turn it on by voice, in app, by physical button, with schedules, scenes and IFTTT, or any other possible way.

1.Inching mode can be enabled separately on different channels of one device. You can enable or disable inching mode on different channels as you desire.
2.Inching mode may clash with schedule, timer, loop timer, scenes, or IFTTT. Think twice about what you really desire before you enable inching mode.
3.The duration of inching mode can be set from 0.5 second to 60 minutes.

Interlock mode

If you want only one channel of a device can be turned on at a time, the interlock feature makes one channel mutually dependent on the other channels. When a two-gang device is connected to a garage door motor respectively to pull up and let down the gate, you wouldn’t like to see both actions being done, which certainly will burn your motor. Such scenarios are where interlock mode is required.

1.When interlock is enabled, all channels will be turned off. The device will restore factory settings.
2.When this feature is enabled, the device will no longer support schedule, timer, loop timer and inching mode features.

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