Do you know your eWeLink account can be more powerful?

eWeLink Advanced Plan has more to offer.

eWeLink Advanced plan gives you these extra benefits.

Larger Capacity

With the eWeLink Advanced plan, you can create up to 10 homes, 200 rooms, 1000 scenes, 200 groups, and share any device with 100 users at most.

I have a multi-floored apartment for lease. The tenants come and go every day. It used to be quite annoying to open the gate manually. But not anymore, I replaced my old lock with access control from eWeLink. Now I can share and unshare access for reach tenant in seconds. 

IFTTT Support

Unlock endless possibilities with the eWeLink - IFTTT integration. IFTTT links numberous third party services with eWeLink, such as Location, Weather, Webhook, and other brands like SmartThings.

The combination of webhook and eWeLink allows me to control my devices with a press of a keyboard hotkey. I can do that without even opening the eWeLink app or a web browser. Amazing. 


eWeLink Web

No need to download or install. The eWeLink Web works as soon as you login to your account. eWeLink Web fits your larger screen and gives a wider view over all your devices.

I installed over a hundred eWeLink devices in my house. Sometimes it is impossible to check the statuses of all devices at a glance. Scrolling down on the phone screen gets tedious. I am happy that eWeLink Web version comes to help. Now I can see most of many devices immediately.


Add 5 eWeLink Cameras

Turn your unused android phone into a security camera in just 3 steps.
Add 5 eWeLink cameras to cover more space.
Watch live on your phone, your web browser via eWeLink Web, and Echo Show.

When I am away from home, my dog usually goes on rampage and destroys my house. Thanks to eWeLink Camera app, no more trash and debris all over the home. I placed 5 unused phones over my house to watch over it and talk to my dog as if I were home.