​ Preparation

1、Download the Google Home App on your phone;
2、Sign up Google account and pair with your Google Home speaker;


Add "Smart We Link" skill

1、Tap "+" on the home page of the Google Home App;
2、Choose "Set up device" ,then select "Have something already set up?";

3、Type "Smart We Link" in the search box and tap on it;
4、Enter your region, eWeLink account and password;
6、Tick the synchronized device, then complete the binding operation depending on the prompt of the page.


Change device information for convenience

1、Select the device you need to change information on the home page of Google Home App, for example, "My device 213b57";
2、Tap "setting" on the top right corner ( pinion icon ) ;
3、Change device name, location and room name ( optional ) ;

Back to the home page of App after completing, as follows ( for reference only ):


Control devices with Google Home speaker

1、Make sure the device name is English, and don’t use special characters, abnormal characters;
Right names like lamp, switch, my switch...
2、Control devices with Google Home speaker;

For example:Hey Google,Turn on light.

Voice Order instrucions:
"Hey Google" is used to wake up Google Home speaker. "OK Google" can also activate it. When you Speak to it, you will see a colorful array of lights on the top of Google Home speaker.

3、Other voice orders for reference;

Google Home supports other common voice orders, such as:

Hey Google,turn on all of the lights.
Hey Google,turn off all of the lights.
Hey Google,set light to 50%.
Hey Google,turn off the bedroom light.