Make the most of IFTTT

When you have a collection of smart home devices from multiple brands, it would be nice to make all of them work together. IFTTT is the platform that makes it possible.

This article will walk you through IFTTT from A to Z.

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What is IFTTT

Which products are supported

Recommended applets

How to create your own applet

How to connect with IFTTT

What is IFTTT

IFTTT, short for ‘IF THIS THEN THAT’, is a powerful tool for users to create triggers and actions to make supported services work with each other. IFTTT now works with 650+ brands and services including eWeLink. 

The eWeLink Smart home service has been published on IFTTT since 

Connecting your eWeLink account, you will be able to have a variety of online services to respond to or activate your eWeLink Support products, such as location, email, weather changes, phone calls, Android battery level, Android and iOS notifications, and so on.

For example, when your Android phone battery level is low, turn on your SONOFF smart USB adapter to charge your phone.

To achieve this effect, you need to create an applet, set the phone battery level as the trigger, and create an action to turn on the SONOFF micro.

An applet is like a mini automated program that performs the preset action based on a certain condition. Such a condition is named ‘trigger’. A trigger and an action are the two key components of an applet.

Even though eWeLink service has been published on IFTTT for a few years, its functions were limited to just the plugs and switches. Therefore, we updated the service this May and the updates have brought the integration with IFTTT to a new level. The new eWeLink service on IFTTT has been unprecedentedly powerful and most awaited products such as RF bridge have been supported.

Which products are supported?

More eWeLink Support devices can be found on IFTTT and a wide range of capabilities are added to the updated eWeLink service on IFTTT.
You may refer to the table below on which devices are supported and what they can do as triggers or actions on IFTTT.

Recommended applets

#1 Never worry about leaving home with the garage door open. Close the garage door when I leave home.

#2 Get a message when someone opens your door, as a precaution against burglary. Text me when the door opens.

#3 Pretend you are home when you are not, to scare away unexpected visitors. If any motion is detected at the porch, then turn on a light upstairs.

#4 Protect yourself from the scorching sun. Close the curtain when the UV index rises above 7.

#5 Take care of your plants against excessive heat. Flower the garden when the temperature rises above 40℃.

#6 Enlighten your gloomy days. Brighten bedroom light when it rains.

#7 Let's get the party started. Turn on the music light strip when I press a button.

Click here to find the full list of all the applets published by eWeLink team.


How to create your own applets

As soon as you are familiar with how IFTTT works, you are ready to cook your own recipe to suit your own taste bud. Apart from using applets created by others, you can now create your own applets. Follow the instructions below to create your very first applet. Take the example of SONOFF MICRO mentioned above.

  1. Open IFTTT app and tap the create button on the top right corner on the page.
  2. Tap the This button in gray.
  3. Scroll down and select Android Battery.
  4. Select Battery drops below 15% as the trigger.
  5. Tap the That button in gray.
  6. Select eWeLink Smart Home
  7. Select Turn 1-channel switch on or off
  8. Tap Connect, enter your eWeLink login email and password and tap Log In. (If you have already connected eWeLink Smart Home service, skip this step. )
  9. Tap the downward triangle to select the name of the device and the action for the device to perform. In this example, the SONOFF MICRO is named socket and the action is to turn it on.
  10. Tap Finish and you are done.

How to connect with IFTTT

Currently, IFTTT is available for eWeLink users with the advanced plan. If you are interested in using eWeLink service on IFTTT, feel free to subscribe to eWeLink Advanced plan here.
If you have already upgraded your account to the Advanced plan, please click here to view the steps to take to connect with IFTTT. Even though IFTTT now limits the number of applets each free user can create to 3, there is no such limit to enabled applets. As an official service, we are more than delighted to create those applets for you to enable. Therefore, you are highly recommended to reach us at to suggest for the applets you want with eWeLink Smart home Service. We will create those applets for you to enable.