There is an increasing number of applets that help with home automation. Among them, what kind of applets you would recommend using? Here we picked some useful IFTTT applets to showcase how you can empower your eWeLink smart devices.

Click the link below to empower your eWeLink smart devices with IFTTT.


Linking devices together

Currently, when you create a scene, you can’t select one device and set it as a trigger(if) and target device(then). With IFTTT, you can overcome the current limitation for devices like Sonoff 4CH and RF Bridge.



Use one channel to trigger another channel of Sonoff 4ch switch.


Turn on the charger when your phone battery is low.



IFTTT Notification 

For a temperature-sensitive environment like a warm house, coral reefs, when a certain temperature is reached, the instant notification from IFTTT could help a lot.



When the temperature is reached, send an IFTTT notification.


When the RF alarm activated, send me an IFTTT notification.

When door sensor status changes, send an IFTTT notification.



 Third-party Platform

We noticed that many users want to connect with SmartThings. Do you know, you can use IFTTT applets to link your SmartThings devices with eWeLink devices together? Have a try.  More third-party seamless integration is on the road, waiting for you to discover.



When SmartThings device turned on, turn on/off SONOFF 1-channel switch.


When SmartThings device turned off, turn on/off 1-channel switch.

When 1-channel switch on/off, turn off the SmartThings device.



There's more coming.

Stay tuned for the next episode.